Dad’s Quote of the Day

“It’s about progress not perfection.” – unknown

The things we focus on get bigger in our life.  We have incredible power to shape our lives and our futures by what we choose to focus on.  Knowing this, we need to be careful of what we dwell on.

When you are young, it’s really hard to get your head around the concept of time.     It leads to impatience, impulsiveness and sometimes recklessness because you lack perspective.  You can’t see the big picture yet because you are not high enough on the mountain.

This lack of perspective can manifest itself in how we choose to view our failures.  Remember – what we focus on will become bigger in our lives.  Just as sure as the sun will rise in east, you will come up short on things in your life.  While it is important to understand what happened so you can make adjustments, it is more important to look at how far you have come.  In business, we say “it’s all about the delta.”

When we dwell on our mistakes, they become so big that they block our view of the trail.  It causes us to lose sight of where we have been and where we are trying to get to.  When you stumble, do your autopsy and figure out where you went off the rails.  Once you’ve done that, put it behind you and then focus on how far you have come.

Control your thoughts, use your words and be careful about what you chose to focus on.

It’s about progress, not perfection.

Love you guys



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