Musings of a 40-something dad

“Take the garbage out – please!” – Toph –

As I went to put something in the garbage and got a hand full of barbecue sauce, I was reminded of a blog I started titled “Dad’s quote of the Day”.  It’s my effort to share wisdom with my kids while I still walk on Earth.  No plans to move yet, but I thought I should get started.  The installments center around a quote or a thought that is imbued with meaning.  Like double entendre, only more serious.

Tonight is one of those double entendre moments.

Take the garbage out because it stinks.  I could stop there and it would be good.  Seriously, can’t you smell that?  If you could, and you did something about it, I would have clean hands and the air would be less filled with expletives.  Shortly after mankind moved out of caves, someone had the bright idea to take out the garbage.  Guessing it might have been Mrs. Caveman.  So simple.  So profound.  So impactful.

Now the double entendre – take out the garbage in your life.  Could be a friend.  Might be a habit.  Perhaps it is unforgiveness toward another.  Whatever it is, it stinks.  Get it outside your life.  If you don’t it’s going to get messy and it may not wipe off as easily as barbecue sauce.  So simple. So profound.  So impactful.


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