I am a marketing professional in the construction industry.  In my role, I am responsible for strategy and implementation in the Building Restoration market.  My process is experimental and evolving.  I like taking seemingly disparate things and figuring out how to combine into something new and novel.

My name is Christopher because my mom said so.  And I quote, “If I wanted to name him Chris I would have.”  Apparently three syllables are too many for most, so my pragmatic Aunt Jane nicked named me Topher.  Still too many syllables, my friends and family call me Toph.  In 9th grade, I discovered John Irving and The World According to Garp – the inspiration for this blog.

A  Badger by training, I earned a degree in Rhetorical Criticism at the University of Wisconsin.  If you know what that means, we should meet for a beer.  Being a Rhetorician means I am also a “word smith” which means, combined with my nickname,  I have license to create my own vernacular.  I hope you enjoy the Tophisms, feel inspired when I am Tophetic and perhaps a little excited when Tophamania runs wild.

I live in the Twin Cities with my wife Rebecca and a brood of three soon to be grown children.  As a Packer fan, I live in an unholy land and flying the colors in Minnesota tends to inspire some passionate dialog.   I believe that skiing is a metaphor for life and mountains are proof that God exits.

An avid skier and upcycler, I combine the two as a hobby by making Adirondack chairs out of old snow skis. As a history buff and lover of old builders, my job allows me to contribute to significant projects and programs such as the Concrete Preservation Institute Field School at Alcatraz.




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